Our products are made in small, quality controlled batches using the best natural ingredients, including pure lavender essential oil steam-extracted from plants grown without chemicals at the Helvetia Lavender Farm in Oregon.

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Lavender Essential Oil – Lavandin

Our lavender essential oil is steam extracted from a variety of lavandin (lavandula x intermedia) plants on the Helvetia Lavender Farm in Oregon and contains pure, uncut lavender essential oil. This is the most common type of lavender, is used commercially, and has a spicy, camphorous, strong scent.

We also sell other types of less common lavender, see our limited editions.

Choose between 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce, packaged in blue glass to protect your oil. Store in a cool dark place.

Lavender Essential Oil Blends

We sell our lavender “straight up” (just lavender) or “blended” (mixed with other quality essential oils). The straight up version of pure lavender comes from lavandin plants, which are the most prolific oil producers. Lavandin is also used in all our blends. We also sell other types of less common lavender, see our limited editions section.

Our custom essential oil blends are our own creations, used for all different reasons — to get rid of skunk smells, relax in the bath, freshen the sock drawer, enliven the shower, and so on.

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Lavender Essential Oil – Limited Edition

1 dram of lavender of freshly distilled limited edition lavender, made from a unique variety of lavender from the Helvetia Lavender Farm. Each of variety of lavender is steam distilled in small batches, giving you a chance to try hard to find types of lavender.

Beautifully presented in a gift bag. Choose between a deep cobalt blue or hand painted amber vial. Comes with a instruction card & pipette.

Lavender Floral Water

This lavender-infused water is the by-product of distillation and is technically called hydrosol. Whatever you call it, you can use it as home fragrance, linen spray, hair tamer, skin soother, or air freshener. It can be sprayed on your pillows, carpets, hair, body & clothes. It is pure water, infused with lavender, but not oily.

Lavender Bar Soap

Our gentle bar soap is made by hand in Oregon with moisturizing organic vegetable glycerin, essential oils, and mica.

Foamy Soap

Our foamy soap contains aloe vera, chamomile, and one of our special essential oil blends to pamper your skin & leave you smelling great. Push on the dispenser and it delivers a luxurious dab of pre-lathered soap.

Body Spray

Better than perfume, our body spray contains Aloe Vera Gel, Vitaman E and Collagen, so it is good for your skin. It sooths while moisturizing and helps skin to heal. Available in our most popular essential oil blends. Shake well before using. One ounce body spray in blue bottle.